Personality Development

In today’s highly competitive world a special training in soft skills, personality enhancement and fluent English is imperative.

UIM has understood the need of the hour and has carefully designed the course programme in such a manner so as to equip the students to face all challenges, develop their all round personality and make them aware of their untapped potential.

UIM organizes personality development program as an integral part of its academic curriculum.

This course is conducted by experts who have years of experience in the corporate world and academics. The progression from basic English training to the development of job related skills, is a continuous process conducted on a regular basis for the entire course duration. It also takes into account the absorption and assimilation competencies of the students.

Today, the selection criteria banks heavily on high EQ of the candidates, therefore the underlying purpose of this programme is to develop survival skills and emotional quotient (EQ) of the students. Personality enhancement of a candidate revolves around three main factors; communication ability, confidence and conviction.

The course content of this program consists of training in group discussion, teaching the interview techniques, personality grooming and honing communication skills. There is a great emphasis in inculcating positive attitude, a pleasing body language and etiquettes.

Awareness Development Program:

The unversity has tied with best known corporate soft skills centres to train the students in soft skills, broadening their outlook becoming more analytical and structural in their problem solving approach, teaching fundamentals of business environment, current Global issues, Indian issues awareness about emerging industries and career choices of latest trends in economy.

The students are also trained in inter-personal skills and temperament management.

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